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Procera - AllCeram: AllZirkon

Procera AllCeram and AllZirkon crowns can achieve remarkable aesthetic results.  Procera Restorations do not contain any metal alloys and promote excellent soft tissue response resulting in healthy gums and practically eliminating allergic reactions around the restorations. Reliability is a word that has become synonymous with Procera with over 2,000,000 units placed in patients mouths over the past ten years.

Procera AllCeram combines excellent strength with beautiful esthetics. The material consists of 99.5 percent pure aluminum oxide and is biocompatible, there by ensuring excellent long-term esthetics. Procera  AllCeram is translucent giving the tooth a natural appearance. At the same time, Procera AllCeram is excellent for concealing underlying surfaces, such as Amalgam and root fillings. Procera AllCeram is easy to work with because you can prepare and cement like an ordinary PFM restoration. All this saves valuable chair time.

Procera AllZirkon combines superior strength and esthetics. Their material contains densely-sintered zirconium oxide and is biocompatible, thereby ensuring excellent long-term esthetics. AllZirkon’s superior material strength offers the dentist an excellent all ceramic restoration for placement in posterior regions of the mouth.

Indication Chart: (Please click chart to enlarge)

AllCeram Indication Chart

AllZirkon Indication Chart

Cementation and Bonding:
Glass Ionomer, Zinc PhospHate or Self Cure Composite resing cement

Recomended Shade Guide:
Vita Lumin Classic, Vitapan 3D Ivoclar Chromoscop

Preparaton Guide:
(click here for Procera AllCeram Preparation Guide)



Before & After Teeth
Procera Crowns tooth 31 and 41

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